August 13, 2017

Not just visiting

I don't know if the art of the blog is dying a slow death.  I have been away and I have been using
blogloving, which in all truth I do not like.  So I am back and not just visiting, I am going to
give myself 6 months and see if I can build up some readership on my blog..  I think my art has
improved over the past 8 years that I have been blogging and I want to share with you , my tips and
tricks, my new finds, and some great videos.  So onto towards new and better things from me.  This
is the first page in a book that I made.  Not the ragged edges, I wont tell you how to make those, they
weren't in the plan.  So I look forward to sharing my life with you, in all its boring glory.


May 6, 2017

Keeping on

I bet your thinking I wasn't going to blog anymore.  To tell you the truth I am wishy washy on blogging.  I have been blogging on blog loving, one or two sentences and I like it.  I decided that I could do the same here.  So I am keeping on keeping on.  

April 11, 2017

The Cat came back

The title has nothing to do with my post.
I havent been great posting lately, but
I have been busy finishing up a bunch
of projects that I was committed to
doing. One was a pot that I painted
for a friend.  And a canvas picture
for a lovely couple, (my daughters
inlaws).  They have been away
in Palm Springs for the winter
so I had lots of time to finish.  So
today is the day they come home
and today is the day I finished.
See I really use my time wisely (lol).
Just got home from that giant
money pit Costco, and of course
bought more that I planned for.
Okay I am going to try and post
on a more regular basis.


April 1, 2017

April Art Challenge

Well I have joined April Art Challenge.  She posted 31 days
of prompts.  The First prompt was fairy tales,  so this was my
interruption of a fairy tale, every fairy tale has a castle right, so
hence my version. 

Its not to late to join up in the fun, the prompts are seriously mind
melding (lol) who knew I am totally a space nerd.

March 18, 2017

One Year older and not a bit smarter

Well yesterday was the last of birthdays that this girl
will be having.  I still feel like I am 30, dont look
like it but still feel like it.  When my mother was 85
she said "I still feel like that young girl I used to be,
I dont know where the years went".  

It seems to me that they fly by and you have not
accomplished anything or not all you set out to do.

This is a collage I did a while back I did a little
series of these.  I had fun doing them imagining
them in a little persons room.  And thats
where they went, I gave them to my Neice who
have two little girls.

Well today its shopping, lunch with the shopper,
and then home to work on my canvas, I am
making some good progress.

Talk to you later

March 15, 2017

Just call me Shifty Eyed Pete

my rabbit looks a bit shifty eyed
This is an oldie but goodie, I think I did it last year.
Had a good day yesterday, went to lunch with a friend and
stayed on points, and enjoyed it.  Today
I am feeling a little under the weather, I think
I have a touch of the flu, so am laying low
today, I had to go to WW today and
lost 2 pounds but that is as far as I am
going.  Am having a big family gathering
on Thursday, Turkey and all the works, so I better get better, or
the hubster will have to don the apron, and thats
not a pretty sight

March 14, 2017

Retail therapy is it the cure

I have posted a picture from my sketchbook.  I have been
drawing alot of cityscapes in my sketchbook .  I need to
get better at them, I dont want them to look like a
kid drew them.  

I have been feeling down in the dumps lately with my art
and with me.  So I took myself off yesterday to get
a haircut, and feel a little better.  Today I am
off to lunch with my friend and a little retail
therapy thrown in on the side.  Some new
art supplies might be in the works.  Some new
skinny jeans, and new shirt, and I might
be a whole new woman.