November 17, 2017

The Tree

Happy Friday everyone.  Today I have a burning question
when do you put up your tree.  

We usually put up the tree, on the hubsters birthday December 18, and I always take it down on December 26.  But I am going
out of my comfort zone this year (lol) and going to put it up
earlier, maybe December 10, I know have I gone completely
crazy.  I have a bit of OCD when it comes to things being out
of there natural order, so Christmas things fall in that range of
things out of order.  My family puts up with this crazy from me.

Today is all about IKEA if the roads are good, we have had
all kinds of snow lately and the roads are not great.  But I
think a bit of IkEA is what I need today.  Plus a new haircut at my
favourite salon.

Today I am linking up to Paint Party Friday

Have a great weekend and keep warm

November 16, 2017

A heads up

Just a heads up, just heard from the museum, I should know in
about two weeks if I made it or not.  Keep all toes, and fingers

I have been working hard updating my etsy store, and trying
to make it easy on the eye.  I feel like I am working again. (lol).


November 14, 2017

Plugging away

I have been working on some new art and its giving me some
renewed energy to slog away and create more.  This one I 
painted the background first and then the rest kinda flowed.
That's does not happen very often.

Today I am off to pick up some new glasses.  I only need them
to read and do my art.  I find I cant see a word if I don't wear them.
Ah the perks of old age (ha ha).  Other than that it snowed again
last night so winter is here to stay.  So I guess I better get used
to it. 

November 7, 2017

making it happen

 The other day while browsing the art on the web, I got that
creeping feeling of not being good enough.  That's what the
web does for you, because of course there are better artists
out there than you.  I am an original, nobody looks like me,
acts like me, or draws like me.  I have my own style, and
most of the day I am happy with me.  Good things come to me,
I quess I am feeling like this because I have been picking out
the art to show the Museum store curator.  Three of my best
pieces .  So of course while looking you see the flaws in your
best pieces.  Now today is the day I phone and set up that appointment I was going to do it yesterday, but will do it today,
see my nerves are getting the best of me, I have never been good
at putting it all out there, promoting my art.  But I need to do more,
because no matter what I will still create.  So if they decide that
it doesn't make the cut, I still made the shortlist of a 1000 people.  That's something. Will keep you posted on the progress.


November 4, 2017

The good life

I went  yesterday and bought myself some new glasses, they are pink.  When I get them
I will take a picture.  I only need glasses for  reading and the computer.  Everything else
I can see fine.  

Well winter decided to settle and its snowing and cold.  You got to get used to this kind of weather
when you live in Canada eh (lol).

I have been busy down in the studio selecting the pictures that I want to send to the Museum, so that is the next step in the selection process (being on the short list) sending them 3 pictures.  So this
is where I decide what my best art is and what would sell in the museum and of course its relationship with its surroundings (meaning the Museum).  I have three pictures in mind.  Two on canvas, and one on paper.  Such a big decision.  This is when you start to doubt yourself and your art.

I also just sent 2 pics of my art to Alisha Burke, she is going to promote in her gift guide art from
other artists.  So nice of her, really she relies on her art as income, she doesn't have to do this.

I like her idea of giving back to the community, and would like to do something as well, I have to think about it, and let it mull over in my brain

They say good things happen in three's hope its the lotto tonight.

October 31, 2017

happy halloween

ITS HALLOWEEN, yeah lets get it over and move on.  Halloween
is not my favourite time of year, childhood trauma, never having the right costume (lol).  But
its here, and the kids are cute

October 27, 2017

Its all about me today

Well today I am off to Ikea, I am thinking I need a little bit
of a shopping fix today.  Because its not like I shopped
my little heart out in Phoneix.  But Ikea is a shop
I like, its a bit like Costco, you didn't know
you needed the jumbo pack of buns
till you saw them.  Today I am
linking up to Paint Part Friday