September 19, 2017

On the injury list

I am on the injury reserve list still, I fell in the bathtub last week.
I did not break any ribs, but I am swollen and bruised and it should
heal in about 3-4 weeks the Dr. said.  Lets just say that bathtub
got a good talking to.

I have opened my new esty shop and is called wait for it
artleekreations    I know how did I ever think that name up.  For those of you who don't know, my last name starts with kre .  I know not really the best name, but honestly try and think up a catchy name.  

Today it snowed people, yes snowed, then it rained so now no snow on the ground.  But its coming, early winter I forecast
snow in October.

Okay got to go making chili for today and have to get it ready

September 14, 2017

thursday update

hey all, what's up with your Thursday?  Today I am meeting a friend for lunch, picking up some prints from the printer for my shop, and doing a little shopping.

The other day I fell in the tub, I know right how could that happen.  Here I was going about my own business, and then "Rub a Dub Dub Lee falls  in the tub.  I was down for the count.  Luckly the hubster was there and didn't have to call the Fire truck  for a rescue (lol).  So I am not bruised on the outside, the inside muscles and ribs are mightly sore, but its a good excuse to get out of doing housework around here for awhile.

The weather has changed from great to the leaves changing on the trees, and it getting colder.  Let me tell you people I keep my flip flops on till the very last moment before my toes freeze off.  I hate to give into winter.

September 11, 2017


The title says it all today is all about me rambling on.  I have been
trying to set up an esty shop.  First decided on a name, which my
friends was not easy.  Second, deciding what to put in the esty shop.  Third:  its all about shipping, I don't know about where
you live, but shipping is not cheap in Canada, so you don't want
to charge to much because then whose gonna want to buy your stuff.  That's really true, because I have gone many times to
buy something, and the shipping is more than the item I was gonna
to buy.  Fourth:  Esty wants to know all your banking information,
I mean all of it.  So I feel uneasy about that, so I decided to set up
another account just for that, which I am going to do tomorrow.  The hubster inquired if I was ever going to use that account, in meaning nobody is going to buy your stuff.  He might be right, after all what are the chances of someone coming across my esty shop right.  Its like a needle in a haystack.  But if you don't try
you don't know.

September 7, 2017

Back to the Nest

I have been away for awhile have you missed me?  I was on a roadtrip with the hubster.  We were away for about 10 days on a relaxing trip to Vancouver.  Seeing the sights, and seeing friends and family we haven't seen in awhile.  Side tripped to the Okanogan and bought fruit on the way home.  Saw lots of beautiful art on Granville Island in Vancouver.  The weather cooperated and was sunny and really warm.  Visited all my haunts from when I lived in Vancouver.  All and all have a great time, now I am home
and ready to go.  Over the summer I have thought about an esty shop and decided to go for it, so we will see what happens there, will keep you posted.

August 25, 2017

Friday Blah Blah

Its Friday already, where do the days go.  When I worked the days dragged by till the weekend.  Once your retired everyday is like a weekend.  Today I am meeting my friends for Lunch to talk about our upcoming trip to Phoenix, and just catch up.  

Going on a little vacation soon to Vancouver.  My parents were born and raised there, and I lived there all thru high school.  I love Vancouver its a lot like San Francisco, only not so hilly.  The weather might even be better in San Francisco. Vancouver does rain a lot, but at least it never gets to 40 below.  Now you could never afford to live there, the prices have sky rocketed.

August 22, 2017

The Dancing Queens

I have quite a few old master painters  whose work I love.  One
of them happens to Bernard Buffet.  Now Bernie had a thing for the
ladies with or with out clothes, the old dog. I have used as a guide one of his pictures, and put my spin on it.  These ladies look like
they might need help to get a dance partners.

August 20, 2017

The Cleaning Bug

Sunday is usually the day I do nothing, just laze around, shop
or whatever.  Today I got the cleaning bug, you gotta act on
it when you get it, doesn't come my way very often (lol).  So I cleaned out my winter closet, I have two closets where I keep
my clothes , summer and winter.  So I took everything out , tried
on things, piled up the clothes I wanted to give to the Goodwill 
the things I wanted refreshed by washing, etc.  Just about took
all afternoon, but its done, and now I am ready for winter.  I don't
want it to come at all, but when it does I am ready.