May 31, 2015

be happy with what you have

No matter how old I am it seems I always want more.
But I think everyone always a little more, money, talent, etc.
But lately I have been reflecting on my life and
decided I should be happy with what I have.  I have
so many gifts in my life and with that I mean
people, who love me. And I have relatively good health.
That's all you really need (okay you need some money)
but as you get older you need your health.  I have
a friend of 50 years, yes 50 years and that friend
has been ill the last 20 of them, and I don't mean
a little ill but really ill.  But you know what she
has tried to make the best of the life she has.  So
be happy with the life you have.

May 30, 2015

my summer bucket list

There's things I want to do this summer and I am putting them on my bucket list
I want to swim in the ocean
lose 10 lbs (its good just to put that on there just in case I happen to lose 10 lbs)
 10 miles in one day (practice required for this)
ride a bike daily just to ride
read 10 new books
bake a fruit pie from scratch crust included and eat it (not the whole thing)
try a food I have never eaten before
go on a road trip with the shopper (aka the daughter)
volunteer at the food bank
start planning a wedding (fingers crossed)
have the best summer of my life

May 29, 2015

put on your tutu and dance

today was lunch with a friend
some laughs
a peek at a magnificent garden
some talk about an art project
a run to the bank
and now am sitting reading a art book
what did you do today?

May 28, 2015

you time....or not

Spring is a very busy time around here, especially living with the hubster his
nickname is (Mr. Clean) first we get the lawns done, that's means aerating, fertilizing etc, then after that its wash the outside of the house, wash and clean all the outside windows, clean the deck usually needs a good paint job after our winters, then
its inside to clean.  clean all the wood work in the house, then its clean all the
windows inside the house, and then the usual spring clean up.  Bye this time
its been over a week and I am exhausted and need a good holiday because
all this cleaning is not my idea of a good time.......
but when all is said and done the house and yard is sparkling and new
and I can sit around and admire all the hard work.
Do you do spring cleaning?

May 27, 2015

when your down and troubled - eat cake

day 2 of the new blog and the test drive is feeling good
still need to find a way to get my old readers back don't want them to miss a word I say because I am so interesting (lol)
I am making cupcakes today for a friend who has too many troubles and needs cake
today is eat the fridge Wednesday that means whatever is in the fridge
all comes out and we eat it, all the leftovers whatever, good way to clean the fridge right
I am working on a swimsuit canvas and cant wait to share but I need to put paint on it first
and you know I might even have time to sit on the porch and have a glass of white wine, read a book and just relax
what's on your calendar for today?

May 26, 2015

I am back and better than ever....

I have been away, if you have noticed.  I had some bad issues with my old blog, google problems, email tussels, and I was going to give it all up in the name of frustration.  But I won a blog make over from  and  I could not pass it up. Plus I would miss all you guys.  Now comes how to find all my regulars and let them know about my blog and come to the new one.  truthfully I was all ready to just let it go, I got upset at first, you know 10 years of blogging then cant get into it.  But then I put my big girl panties on and said just let it go Lee its only blog, and you originally only wrote it for you.  So in my zen moment I let it go.  But the gods must have been with me and sent Carrie to me and its like a light bulb went on and said, a new start, a new beginning, maybe new readers, new art I can do it all.  So thank you for giving me this chance for a new chapter in live of my blog.  So I hope you will all come back and follow me again, and if you didn't come back anyway, I will have new art, new techniques to share, glimpse of my life on a life long diet, and what we do over here where I live.