June 30, 2015

Fury that's how I am feeling

You know I just read a really good post about blogging and it got me thinking. As  you know I have been not feeling the blogging bug   anymore.  The reason is because I lost my old blog the blog I put my heart and soul into, the blog that has all my posts for the almost 10 years, I have been blogging. It shows my growth as an fledgling artist.  How I have improved and grown.  I loved that old blog.  Now I have this one no readers to speak off except my faithful friends .  Should I care that no one reads this blog no.  But I do, maybe people don't read my blog    because I don't really have exciting stuff to share maybe. I do live quite a quiet life. I do have a Facebook page and now a Instagram page but it's not my blog.  I can't tell them what I tell you, how I'm feeling ,what iam cooking, what I am reading.  So I have decided it's time for me to go after more readership there not coming to me I am going too them. I am not closing down I am not going to go without a fight. I am going to be visible , get my art out there. This blog is going to be me telling you the same things ,but I am gonna introduce new people I find , new techniques, how I do stuff , what's in my purse. how I organized my cupboard.  you might not be interested but I am going to tell you anyway. It's time to ramp it up for awhile see how I do and then if all the work I put in does not work then and only then is it time to throw in the towel.  Now you my dear friends who have never left me tell me what you think.


June 28, 2015

Sometimes it's all about the hair

When I first drew this I thought it looked like a boy.  So I am going with either sex.  I would like you to think girl because that was the original thought. I like the hairdo edgey. I am thinking about letting go of the blog anyone who reads this is on Instagram.  I think I am just going to give it another week and that's it


June 27, 2015

Oh what a day....

today was not the day of the sale at my art store July 18
I created this couple of days ago just seeing if maybe it might
make it on a canvas, I am thinking not.  But at least it got
me thinking?

June 26, 2015

Hello Summer

Well its done, 8 images sent to the magazine.  So we will wait and see what
happens.  Its all good, around here.  Its very hot out the last couple of days which is good, because we have winter so long, hot days are a blessing.
Today is cleanup the fridge day, I don't cook you eat what you want
out of the fridge and try to get rid of all the old food, before grocery shopping on
Saturday.  Tomorrow,my art store has its annual sale, and BBQ and workshops,
and of course I am going. And I am going to sit on the deck today and soak
up some rays, and turn this white than white skin a little darker.
A pretty boring life, but hey I worked for 35 years and I am happy to
sit around and do nothing.

June 24, 2015

Beauty is skindeep

well hello all
I have been busy trying to get my art together
to submit to Mosiac Magazine, heres hoping they like it
It has to fit within there subject matter .
Keep y our fingers and toes all crossed.
It took me a lot of courage to do this, I think its the fear of failure, because your
art is so personal to you.

June 23, 2015

sometimes dreams do come true

Lately been posting a lot on Instagram I happen to really like it. You can see instant art.  I created this one last night been working on the horse for awhile it does have legs but it looked far better this way.
Creating a lot on paper with markers. Very portable can create anywhere .  I am trying to mix it up and not do the same things .  I have only created one other horse along time ago. Had a great time out with my friend we talked and talked.  We never run out of things to say to each other.  Well today we are dropping the neighbour to the airport and then it's off to our fianicical planner he wants to talk to us here's hoping it's not bad news.


June 22, 2015

sometimes it takes a whole village.....

I am still trying to get my style in the cityscapes..I am not to happy with them. Something is missing.  Today its all about me and my friend meeting up
for lunch and a little girl on girl catch-up and start planning the Oct trip
again.  Then its home because I am having the lady next door (we are friends)
over for a bbq, burgers and Caesar salad, and carrot cake.  As she is
leaving tomorrow on a trip, so I thought give her a break and I will cook.
So that is it for my day and night.  Except I will do anything it seems not
to work on that canvas in the studio, what is stopping me, fear of failure

June 21, 2015

Happy Happy......

I have already shared this one on Instagram, and now here.  I was doodling around and came up with this.  Giggles said it would be a nice big canvas, I think she might be onto something.  What do you think?  Well today its Fathers day, the shopper and the boyfriend and the hubster and Grandma and me are going out for Italian food tonight.
We made a reservation, though I don't think fathers day is nearly as busy as Mothers day for eating out.  After dinner we are coming back here for Carrot  Cake and
Ice Cream. Did I tell you that the table on the deck shattered into a zillion
pieces (the glass).  The hubster and I were both out there, I was putting the
cover on the BBQ and he was tiding up the deck, and had just moved the table an inch,
when it all went to hell. 
Okay enough said, I am going to go out and enjoy the day, so I will talk with you all tomorrow.

June 19, 2015

A vase is Vase.....

Would you like to have a vase like this?  I saw a vase like
this along time ago, and it stuck with me, hence the drawing.
I must have really liked it to remember, it reminds of the
70's god probably none of you remember the 70's.  I got married
in the 70"s.  Well I have been madly pinning on Instagram, its
like addicting, because I have never had so many people look at
my art.  Some of those people have thousands of people following them.
How does that happen?  I have 90 and I am thrilled. 
I need to work on my Canvas, what is stopping me, I don't know.  Is fear
of it looking like crap, possibly, the painting part scares me to.  I need
to get it done, its a gift for someone. 
Tonight its all about the leftovers in the fridge, help yourself, to whats
leftover in there, because Mama is not cooking.  Whats on your
weekend plans?

June 18, 2015

To all the fish in the sea....

this is another one of the 100 creative pieces of art that I am endivering to do.  I think this is no 15 along way to go yet. But I will get there.
Well awhile ago on my old blog I laid out a plan on how to get my art noticed.  I
am in the process of submitting a few pieces of my art to a local magazine called
Mosiacis .  My friend Gayle says my art would fit right in there.  So I emailed
the editor about the process of submitting art for consideration and she emailed me back with what I have to do.  This magazine is about holistic healing, yoga etc.
I am submitting some angel works of art but now I have to come up with some
titles for the work.  Its not guaranteed by any means but I am stepping up
to the plate and trying, rejection comes in all forms, you just have to learn
how to take it.  Today is windy, cloudy and cool, so its Meatloaf, sweetpotates, and peas night at our house.
p.s I took your comments to heart and changed the banner, more me you are right

June 16, 2015


Well after the excitement of yesterday today is quite calm
although I did manage to go out with my friend Gayle for
lunch and a little window shopping. We bought nothing
we stopped at a Mexican place and had some great food.
Today I am going to work on my canvas its coming
along pretty good, I put some texture on it, and let it dry.
So now I am ready to do some painting.  Lets hope
all goes as I have planned
"Do you find the new design of the blog easy to find your way around".

June 15, 2015

Let the bells ring out.....

today was a lucky lucky day for me and the hubster
we won a fully paid trip for 2 to Curacao a Dutch island in the Caribbean
we didn't even know we entered a contest, the hubster has an automatic
payment come off our chequing act that is a donation to the Children's hospital every month
and it had expired, so he redid it, and that the week the contest was on. They let
us know this morning that we won, I am beyond excited.  We have to use it
by the end of December, we decided we are going to go in November. 

June 13, 2015

Its Party Time

hello Saturday
hello fellow bloggers
well its Saturday and its a busy day for me
we are going to the mother in-laws 85th birthday party
I know I have to hold the excitement in
I am in charge of bringing the veggies and dip
I think we are having pulled pork
other than that the weather here has turned to crap
its windy, rainy and cold
we have to be there by 3.00 but it wont be a long night
after all she is 85 people, so I might get a little art
in.  The picture above is one I did in my sketchbook last
night while watching TV, I am quite the multitasker.
it could be a painting, if I did a few more things
to it, and different colors maybe.
Okay gotta get ready to party on down
so talk to you all soon, hopefully something exciting will happen
that I cant wait to share (lol) 

June 12, 2015

Lady in blue....

This is a new one, its just a sketch an idea I had.  I like to make them in my artjournal
and then if I decide to develop it, its there for me to look at.  I like the way she turned out all ethernal and everything.  The background makes it pop because she doesn't.  |What do you think?

Linking today to http://allaboutartandme.blogspot.ca/2015/06/lady-in-blue.html

June 11, 2015

A rant

I am having a hard time adjusting to this blog.  I cant do a number
of things I want to, and I don't want to bother the girl who created it,
after all it was free.  I want to be able to create a list of my favourite
blogs just like the old blog.  I tried it the way I used to but it looked liked
crap .  I then decided to use fiverr and ask this guy from Croatia , to do it.
and he didn't know what I was talking about (language issues here I think).
And I don't have my old followers, and I am whining aren't I.  Okay enough
whining I should be happy that I got a blog makeover, especially since I
cant ever get back into my old blog.  Personally I don't like google now,
because they f    everything up.
That's my rant for today because I am peeded off today with life.  Do you
ever get that way? I hope I am not the only one, it doesn't happen very
often lucky for the hubster.


June 9, 2015

instagram,facebook, or the blog

today its out to dinner for Chinese food (celebration for my mother inlaws 85th birthday.
making a hair appointment
working on my summer canvas (pictures tomorrow)
are you on instagram or facebook, I resisted for a long time because
I didn't really understand how it all worked.  But now I got it
figured out, my blog posts to facebook, and I have joined some groups. That
is about my extent on facebook, have I got any new people from my blog
being on facebook, I don't think so.  Instagram, I post pictures of my art,
with a little line about it, and then you #hastag things like art, sketches etc
and then you get followers. Its like a mini blog, and your art gets
seen by many more people.  If I have to be only on one, I would pick
Instagram.  If you haven't joined up go ahead its easy and its fun.
This is not a paid announcement for instagram (lol).

June 8, 2015


Linking up to mix it monthly
you know there is always a way to refresh old art
take this one, this is 2 different elements
the girl
and the background
I have shown this girl before but no background
I have a file on my computer called backgrounds where I keep a scan of my
backgrounds I make
so when I want to mix it up some, I choose a different background
and a different element (the girl) and put them together
I use photshop elements a really easy program (not like photshop which I find
really hard) and here is what I got.  So that the tip of the day.

June 6, 2015

A little paint goes along way

This is a picture I did in an art journal class that I took.  I have fun once a month
I go and take an art journal class, all the same ladies, and we just have fun and learn
a little along the way. And I get to meet like minded ladies
Well I think today might be the day that we start working on the deck.  It needs
a good paint job and clean up, I have been sitting out there in hopes of getting
some color on me but I like a nice place to sit.  So the hubster has heard enough
of my bitching and complaining and is going to do something about it. I even said
I would help him, after I picked him off the floor from fainting from disbelieve he
said I could be 2nd in command.
Okay enough jibber jabber what is on your weekend agenda?.

June 5, 2015

Its all about the profile....

I find the profile hard to draw, they always get this angry look on there face.
Well we made it to Friday, tomorrow our area is having a area wide garage sale,
we are not having one, I give all my stuff to the good will, so that I am
able to go to the garage sales and bring home more stuff.  Makes sense right.
So today its beautiful out, I put on my shorts, and am going to sit on the deck
and try to get these white white legs of mine some sun.
Today I am linking to http://mix-it-monthly.blogspot.ca/2015/06/june-2015-facial-profile.html this month its all about the profile.
what are you doing this weekened?

June 4, 2015

Summer loving...

I have been recycling old art.
It seems I have not been feeling it lately.
I don't know if it summer or me doubting myself and wondering what the hell I am doing
I have started a canvas, great ideas, but just cant go work on it.
do you ever get like that?

June 3, 2015

Stock or not

I joined this site called Death to the Stock and every month
I get pictures.  I joined because I thought I might use them
on my blog sometimes, instead of my art.  I like the like of
them on other blogs, but I dont think my blog is the kind of blog
that should use them, What do you think? Yes, NO?

June 2, 2015

Hello June

hello June, its a busy month, a sad month, a happy month
its my mothers birthday and I still miss her everyday
its my mother inlaws 85 birthday and the family is going to celebrate
I still have quite figured out how to let some of my readers know
I have moved, I quess I will let it go and just get new readers right.
Today I am meeting two friends for lunch and a catch
up ,these are the friends I go to Phoenix with every year.
Devil Dog went yesterday to get a clip and curl.  She
hates it and cried the whole time in the car, I don't know
how she knew where she was going but she did.
I made a chicken stew in the crockpot for tonight's dinner,
its rainy and cool, just right for chicken stew.
Then its off to the hospital to visit my friend. 
Okay that's my day in a nutshell, so boring I know.  What's
on your schedule today?