December 29, 2016

Messy pages

Been doing a little bit of art
made the background awhile ago
and last night did the girl,
I like the look of her on
the mixed media page

December 28, 2016


Went back to Weight Watchers today
first weigh in after Christmas.
Lets just say I dont weigh anyless
and maybe a few pounds more.
But I had a good time doing it


December 27, 2016

Life as I know it

Well how was your Christmas?
All that work and its over in the blink of a eye.
Now we just wait for new years>
Do you make New Years resolutions?
Do you keep them?
One year I quit smoking best thing I ever did
never went back to it.
But usually I dont make them, because I dont keep them.
This year we are going out for a quiet dinner
on New Years Eve, and then home to watch
a movie, usually we dont even make it up till
New Years.

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

The presents are under the tree
The table is set
The tree lights are on
The house is clean
We are just waiting for the shopper and the husband
then its Merry Christmas to us
and Merry Christmas to you

December 22, 2016

Shopping therapy

Ear therapy is completed after 8 sessions
He's done the best he could do
and his best is pretty good, not to much dizziness left
Go to see the ear, nose, throat Dr.  on Jan 10 so
all is well is Leeland.
Finished the commission for the cityscape, and it
turned out fabulous lol at least I think so
Today I did some shopping therapy  
I went to Michael's, bought a few things I wanted,
had lunch out, and wandered around in  Marshall's
The weather is fabulous here, you still need
your ski coat, but when its above zero you take
what you can get.


December 19, 2016

A little moose talk.

Well only a few daze until Christmas
Presents are wrapped
Christmas tree is up and decorated
House decorated
cookies are made
Ham is bought
chocolates and candy are at the ready
presents that needed to mailed are mailed
We are having Christmas on Christmas Eve
as the shopper and her hubby are off to
warmer climates on Christmas day.  

We are doing something
different this year we are not having turkey.
We are having a ham, scalloped potatoes,
Cesar salad, vegetables , homemade buns,
and dessert.  We wont miss out on turkey
as we are invited on the 27th for turkey.
Okay will talk soon.


December 15, 2016

The eye key to your soul

Did you know that there is ear physio?
There is, and I have been 5 times,
I have an inner ear infection since
May and cant seem to shake it,
I have had my hearing tested, just
in case I have lost hearing because
of it, but I havent, even though
my husband swears I have, because
I just tune him out lol
The physio consits of being thrown
around by your therapist, every
girls dream.  While wearing a
camera on your eye, apparently
the eye can tell everything about
the ear, who knew.

December 14, 2016

The Farm

Do you have a real tree or a fake tree
When growing up, we first used to get real
tree , we never would go out and get our own,
we always went to a place that sold trees.
Our first fake tree, was a pink one,
my mother liked it, we had it till it fell apart,
then moved on to a sliver tree.  Now that I have
my own family, we have never had a real tree,
always a fake green one, I think after growing up
with colored trees, green is the best.

December 13, 2016

Tales from the cheap seats

well I decided to draw some flowers last night well 
watching TV.  When I am watching TV and doing art
I use just cheapo markers, but the color that comes out of
those markers are beautiful dont you think.  I keep telling everybody you dont need to spend alot of money to make great art.

December 11, 2016

Oh the tales of the fruitcake......

Its to cold to go out today big wind chill
I was going to make a fruitcake,
but instead sent the hubster to buy one
My mother always made her fruitcakes early
in the month, then wrapped them up and stored
them in the fridge until it was time to
eat them.  I love fruitcake, but really
its cheaper and less stress just to
buy them.

December 10, 2016

Fla la la la la

Well as you can see I am a little behind the times.
Today is all about finishing up the last little bit of xmas shopping
having lunch with the shopper
I know I said I wasnt going to bake but I caved and
am going to bake some cookies for a friend
I know a few are going to sneek into my hand
dont judge......

December 8, 2016

Baby its cold outside

today feels more like Christmas
its freezing cold here with a high wind chill
doesn't even want to make you go outside
Have the fireplace on , a cup of hot chocolate and a good book
I am good to go

Christmas Traditions

Do you have a christmas tradition that has been passed down that you still practice.  At christmas with my parents , only one person passed out the presents, and the next present was not passed out , until all the people had opened their present, and properly ohed and ahed over.  We still practice that tradition in my house.

December 5, 2016

Light to dark

I have this thing, I like to draw funky cities, the city is off center,   colorful and fun.  So this is my entry for the challenge, light to dark over at

December 1, 2016

Christmas Countdown

well its the first day of December, do you feel ready for all the
hoopla that is coming this month.  I am getting there, I dont want
to feel rushed this month, I want to slow down and enjoy Christmas, and the
holiday season.  I have got the parcel to my sister who lives out of
town sent out before the rush.  I have most of the Christmas shopping done.
I dont have the tree up yet but am in no hurry to do it.  Since I got
a new tree a couple of years ago its like heaven to put up.  Already had the
lights on it, which as we all know is most of the job.  The decorating part
is the fun part.  I really used to go all out and decorate a lot, but
I have really paired down on my Christmas stuff.  I decided no
baking will be done by me this year, as I am on weight watchers,
I can even freeze the cookies, but somehow they magically
disappear out of the freezer, to be eaten frozen.  I keep
telling my husband, that someone else in the house must be eating them lol.
Both the hubster an I have decided that we wont buy anything for
each other this year.  First off we dont need anything, when we
want we buy it, we are both retired and dont need much.  I never thought
I would hear my self say that but its true.  We buy for the daughter and
her husband, and my mother inlaw, we have a small family.  Okay
I have found a couple of great videos I thought you might like