October 8, 2017


Yep its thanksgiving here today, so to all you Canadians Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy your turkey and stuffing.

I am, winging my way to the hot  state of Arizona.  To have some good times, with friends.

  So you know me I am still will be posting.


October 6, 2017

Lets Meetup

Hello, how are you all today?  The countdown begins only 3 more days till the friends getway to Phoenix  Cant wait, let the fun begin.

Have you ever heard of  Meeetup, I keep meaning to tell you about it.  I think I have been going for about a year now.  Meetup is a group of people who meetup for just about anything you can think of, want to meet up and only speak Spanish, theres a group for that, want to meetup and talk about evolution, theres a group for that.  So my group is for art journaling, we meet at a cool coffeshop called Square One Coffeeshop, sometimes there is only 4 of us, sometimes there way more, one person in charge is the one
who organized the meetup.  We bring our sketchbooks, art journals,
whatever, and we all chat, and work on projects, or a theme or whatever we want.  I love it, its all about getting out of the house,
meeting new people who like what you like.  Its about making
art, and sharing ideas.  The other Wednesday we met two new creative people who were there sitting across from us, and were interested in knowing what we do.  Little did we know that they
also had there own business called  http://www.wellinkedbox.com/
its just like the artboxsuprise.   because I am really interested in signing up for the subscription. I thought about the US one but US money people notgood for Canadian people.  
Okay now I have talked enough, be prepared to be thrilled with art and pictures from Arizona, and palm springs. Also I am linking to 
paint party fridayhttp://paintpartyfriday.blogspot.ca/

October 4, 2017

The Brand

Here is a sneak peek of the front side of my business cards I am thinking of getting done.  What do you think, does it show an artist .  Leave a comment let me know what you think, I haven't sent
them yet to get created.


October 3, 2017

yellow seems to be my color

 Well its almost that time where all the flowers either freeze or go into hibernation.  So I like to post bright happy pictures of flowers.  What have I been doing, packing, making some art, and just generally running around, and getting stuff done, as of Monday I am in sunny Phoenix, with the ladies, having a great time.  We shop, we go to happy hour, we go to movies, and just generally laze around, without husbands, we have a grand old time.  But don't worry I will be posting from the road.


September 29, 2017

Its all about color

 I love this one, and I usually don't say that, but I do, the color
just pops and makes me happy. Today was a great day, lots accomplished, got my hair cut, and cleaned up the studio.  I still am
trying to work thru all the stuff that I have in the studio, and just
chuck out what's needs to be garbage, and give the rest away that
I have not used in eons.  Feeling good about everything so far.

Today I am going to link up to paint party Friday

so I hope you all have a great weekend, and talk to you on Monday.


September 27, 2017

recovery is a bitch

Yes, its true, recovery is a bitch, this type of injury will take awhile to heal the Doctor said, as its
all inside, and swollen.  So I just need to take it easy and not do anything to strenuous.   The hubster is pretty good about everything, so I don't do to much as it is.  Lucky I know.

Have been filling up my shop on esty, and reading up on how to get customers.  Because really
esty is huge and so many artisans how would anyone find your stuff.  Apparently its all about
key words people, words like stylish, original etc.  So I have been trying to think up words
people would use to find my stuff and writing them down.  If you think of any please let me know
the more the merrier.

Well I just got home from lunch with a friend, and now should clean that studio, which I keep
saying I am going to do but never get done, but today is the day.

What are you doing today?

talk to you soon


September 24, 2017

This and that Sunday

Well how is everyone today.  Its Sunday here, its cloudy, and a little bit chilly, but it is suppose to warm up.  I am still in my PJ's and roaming around the house, the hubster is at the YMCA.  I don't know where he gets his energy, but I certainly don't have it.  The other day I stayed in my PJ's all day, and I cooked all day long.  I am off on a girlfriend 10 day holiday in October to the land
of sun and heat, Phoenix, Arizona.  So I am feeling a little guilty (not to much) and made
some meals for the hubster and put them in the freezer.  He is a disaster in the kitchen.

The friends and I have a blast on this annual trip.  We shop, talk, and travel around.  This time
we are going to Palm Springs for 2 days, none of us have been there so are looking forward to going.  Its not to far from Phoenix, which is good. Before you know it the trip is over and your on
the plane back home.

I plan on going down to the studio today, and cleaning up, and working on some stuff.  I cannot
work on anything, if the studio is out of order, weird I know.  But it just makes it easier to
find stuff in the spur of the moment, if its back in the right place

Okay I guess I close off now, so talk to you all soon.